Day Trip to Triana

Typical Triana courtyard Triana is the neighbourhood of Seville across the river from the old walled city, and is regarded by many Trianeros as a completely separate entity, historically, the home of Gypsies, sailors and other groups from the metaphorical wrong side of the tracks, and it retains something of that atmosphere today, with strong Read more about Day Trip to Triana[…]

Seville Museums

For some people “cultural” stuff like art or historic monuments is what you do between eating and drinking and more eating and drinking. For others, it’s the other way around. But whichever kind of holidaymaker you are, you are likely at some point to find yourself in a museum. Seville has lots of these, covering Read more about Seville Museums[…]

Málaga | City of Museums

Once considered something of a high rise beach holiday city, in recent years Málaga has been bringing itself into the modern age, with pedestrianisation of the old centre, a complete redevelopment of the old harbour, and other projects to attract visitors to what is actually one of Andalucia’s most beautiful and modern destinations. You’re here Read more about Málaga | City of Museums[…]