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At this time of year with Christmas just around the corner Seville city centre is crowded with shoppers looking for the best presents they can find. But how can we make our loved ones happy while still supporting local businesses? Actually, there are plenty of options and we’ve come up with this little guide to help you.

Craft Markets


  • Mucho Maske Market
    This little craft market started up 9 years ago, and has been held in a variety of locations. This year it’s in the Regina area behind the Metropol Parasol (calle Viriato, 9) from the 17th until the 20th of December and will showcase 19 different brands, including jewellery and wooden toys.


  • El Butrón Market
    El Butrón is a cultural space where artists can meet and display their creations in temporary exhibitions. This is it’s 4th year, and it’s running from the 18th to the 20th of December at calle Butrón, 7, with workshops, music and organic food.


  • Mercado de Artesanía
    Organized by the Federación Artesanal de Sevilla and the City council Seville’s famous annual hadicraft market is already open in Plaza Nueva and will be there until the 5th of January, with a wide range of quality merchandise to choose from.

Shopping by Barrio

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Regina Market

The Regina market, actually an association of small local shops in Viriato, Jerónimo Hernández and Amparo streets, offers an individualistic style of shopping, with a mix of the moderni and the traditional. Some of the shops you can explore to find your presents are Un gato en bicicleta, La seta coqueta, Wabi Sabi, Un Globo or Pai-pai shop.

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Soho Benita
On the southern side of Las Setas we find another big area full of small fashion, design, and art places, together with some of the bars we visit in our tours and recommend in this blog. Spend a day in this neighbourhood and discover how Seville can be traditional and surprising at the same time. Soho Benita shops are Artefactum, Delimbo, Eirín, Florypondio, Isadora, La Importadora, Le Voilà, Patricia Buffuna, Taranta, Rayuela, Zález, Made with lof, Zapata and Verde Moscú, among others.

Feria/San Luis/Macarena
As well as “el Jueves” in calle Feria, the oldest flea market in Europe that takes place every Thursday morning, there are many handicraft workshops that have appeared in this neighbourhood in recent years.

  • La Osa Mallol
    A couple of years ago two great designers joined forces to share a space where they could create and sell their range of clothing, as well as teaching others how to do the same. Their names are Hisabelia and Loulitas and La Osa Mallol is their studio/atelier (Pasaje Mallol, 31). Whenever you go there they will offer you a cup of tea, but this weekend there will also be anisette and polvorones (Spanish Christmas’ shortbreads).315716_120518291442989_704227686_n
  • Desmontando a La Pili
    Diversity, feminism and responsible consumption are the name of the game here. So that you can be sustainable even in bed, Mónica Ortiz has come up with some options to make sex better. Her products, available through her website and her fantastic Tuppersex meetings, are designed for learning, solving problems and having fun. Give yourself or someone you love some pleasure and contact her at or find her at Tramallol (Pasaje Mallol, 22).12369190_425599504231584_7641245861606291842_n
  • Rompemoldes
    This is a group of workshops specialising in a variety of different crafts. Some are also shops where their products are sold, while others work on commission only basis. Located in a council owned building, this is a secluded space with a wonderful courtyard full of plants. Open the door (San Luis, 70) and sneak in, you won’t regret it!61444_129336633888982_1235443666_n
  • Lino y fino
    Petra started creating and selling handmade linen clothes in Tarifa, near Cadiz, in 1998. She now has two more shops, and we are lucky to have one at calle San Luis, 72. She uses 100% pure linen for unique women’s, men’s and children’s clothes. She also uses some warmer fabrics for winter!10639723_765154423569614_5246665074246108001_n
  • Santa Cleta
    There are many bike shops in Seville, a result of growing interest in green transport options, but the most sustainable, committed and active one is Santa Cleta. They won’t only sell you a bike, but will also teach you how to ride it, no matter what your age, and how to maintain and repair it! Ride, or walk, to Plaza del Pumarejo and take the street on the right hand side of the old palace: Fray Diego de Cádiz, 24.1000779_553683444691065_347742336_n


Remember: Think global, shop local and buy handmade.

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