Seville Cycling & Tapas Tour

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We Love Tapas and ELECMOVE created a very special collaboration a few months ago – the Cycle & Tapas Tour –  offering an introduction to Seville on electric bikes followed by a delicious Traditional Tapas Tour. But it was only recently that the WLT Team got together with ELECMOVE to experience the electric bike tour themselves. And the ELECMOVE team also got to sample tasty tapas with us. Really, a match made in heaven.

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We met up at ELECMOVE at 10.00 am and our cheerful guide Marie immediately set about getting us set up with out bikes, adjusting seat heights, checking tire pressure, snapping on baskets for those who wanted it. And then we got a quick lesson on how electric bikes work. Pretty easy really.

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The route for the Introduction to Seville tour is at least 90% on cycle paths, stopping off at places of interest.

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Marie kept asking if we wanted to stop for photos, so…

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Here we are in front of the Royal Tabacco Factory where Carmen once rolled cigars on her gypsy thighs…

cycling tapas (5)

The WLT chicas replicating the poet Becquer’s three phases of love.

cycling tapas (6)

Marie explains Mudejar architecture in Parque María Luísa

IMG_6903Team WLT Sevilla: Delia, Sara, Ania & Aldara

cycling tapas (7)Team ELECMOVE: guides Marie & Juan, owner Sofia


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