July 17, 2015

Flamenco & Tapas

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Andalucía is the birthplace of flamenco and Sevilla is the perfect place to enjoy an evening of passionate music and dance followed by delicious food and drink.

Our Flamenco & Tapas Tour has been designed for you to enjoy the best of both and is available every evening. The price includes reserved seating for an excellent flamenco performance with four first-class artists, along with a 2.5 hour tapeo. First you will be taken to one of Sevilla’s most emblematic bars for sherry and tapas “starters”, and your We Love Tapas guide will tell you about the origins of Flamenco and its evolution, to prepare you for your flamenco experience. Then it’s off to see the performance, where you can enjoy a drink while you watch.

After the show you’ll continue your tapeo, heading off to two more traditional bars for a delicious selection of Sevilla’s best tapas and wines. If you would like anything extra just let your guide know and they will help you order and pay at the bar, but usually people find 5 full tapas and 4 drinks make a very satisfying meal.

2 people – 95€ per person
3-5 people – 85€ per person
6-8 people – 80€ per person

Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 people to keep them personal, and the tour (including show) lasts about 3.5 hours, beginning at 7.30 pm. At the end you’ll get more information on where and what to eat, and other tips on enjoying your stay in Seville.

Contact us for details.

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