Sevilla | Vamos a la Feria!

The Feria de Abril is Seville’s traditional spring fair and general celebration, and starts two weeks after Easter Monday (this year April 21 to 26), officially at midnight on Monday with the alumbrao, the switching on of the fairground lights, although in practice people may go to the fairground as early as the Saturday. Monday Read more about Sevilla | Vamos a la Feria![…]

Sevilla | Churros & Chocolate

After coffee and toast, churros and chocolate is probably Seville’s most popular breakfast. Churros are made by squeezing dough through a nozzle, and deep frying it in a special round vat of hot oil. It’s a dish that’s common in Spain and Latin America, and comes in two basic types. In Seville, the fat round Read more about Sevilla | Churros & Chocolate[…]

Sevilla | Semana Santa Preview

You may think you know something about religious festivals and festivities, but trust us, unless you’ve been to Sevilla for Semana Santa (Holy Week) there’s a definite gap in your education. Although Holy Week is an important festival throughout the Catholic world, the celebrations in Sevilla are thought to be the largest and most elaborate. Read more about Sevilla | Semana Santa Preview[…]

Recipe | Asparagus Tortilla

We love cooking! And so we’ll be sharing some of our favourite recipes for our favourite Spanish dishes here from time to time. As it is almost spring we thought we’d start with a spring-veggie twist on a Spanish classic – the tortilla de patatas. The important thing to know about making a great tortilla Read more about Recipe | Asparagus Tortilla[…]

Postcards from Andalucía | Antequera

We love Andalucia! And to start off our series of “postcards” from our travels around the most southern region of Spain – where we live! – we’d like to introduce you to one of our favourite places, Antequera. Andalucía is justly famous for its great classical and mediaeval cities – Seville, Málaga, Cádiz, Córdoba and Read more about Postcards from Andalucía | Antequera[…]

Málaga | City of Museums

Once considered something of a high rise beach holiday city, in recent years Málaga has been bringing itself into the modern age, with pedestrianisation of the old centre, a complete redevelopment of the old harbour, and other projects to attract visitors to what is actually one of Andalucia’s most beautiful and modern destinations. You’re here Read more about Málaga | City of Museums[…]