December 30, 2014

Our Sevilla Team

shawn bioShawn Hennessey
Born in Canada by mistake, Shawn has been living – and tapeando –  in Sevilla since 1993 and has found her true home. Her Sevilla Tapas website, founded some eight years ago, is probably the best English language information resource on tapas in Seville, and this depth of knowledge underpins her tour business, and her involvement in local gastronomy. Dubbed Sevilla’s “Queen of Tapas” by the Sunday Times she has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Daily Telegraph, among others. With over 3,000 tapas bars in Sevilla it’s easy to go wrong and, as Shawn always tells her guests, “you don’t have time for mediocre”. As the founder of We Love Tapas Shawn enjoys creating delicious new food and wine tours for her fabulous team, including the Oldest Taverns and Sherry Tasting tours. Follow her on Twitter: @SevillaTapas

Delia Escalón Prada
It is possible to find “a passion for food” written in Delia’s DNA. She was born in Cadiz, where her grandfather was a well-known chef, and food was always a matter of worship in her family. But she decided to take it to the next level, combining passion with knowledge to make perfection: she studied at the “School of Hospitality of Seville” where she specialized in Bakery, Pastries and Desserts. An archaeologist by education but a traveller by vocation (her other grandfather was a Merchant Sailor, and she has been to countries as diverse as Morocco, England and Italy), she thinks the best way to know a culture is through its cuisine. “When I’m travelling I always look for the authentic, I love wandering around bars and fresh food markets tasting new flavours, and this is what I am happy to show while you are visiting Seville”.

José Ramos
As a Sevillano, Jose has had a Spaniard’s experience of tapas since he was a child. He has always had a passion for tapas, which has driven him to travel the region of Andalucia to learn more about how tapas differ from one place to another and how they are made. He has also travelled beyond Spain, and had the opportunity to share his Spanish culture with people of different backgrounds, which he really enjoyed. When he was at university, his studies included the Art and History of Spain and especially of Andalucia. The passion for food is part of his family upbringing, as his Grandfather had a restaurant which specialised in Andalusian food, and he is happily ready to share all this knowledge, skill and experience with people who visit Seville.

Cinta Romero
Cinta was born and raised in Seville. ​From an early age h​er senses ​were attuned to all sorts of food and also the different ways of serving it. Once she grew up – and against her parents’ wishes – she ​firmly​ dedicated herself to her twin passion​s:​ gastronomy and hospitality. Cinta also​ loves travelling and she spen​t ​seven years living in Washington DC with her family. Now Cinta is back home working on her own special project to promote the gastronomy of Sevilla. She is also passionate about ​helping​ visitors understand​ the true meaning of ​the Tapeo​ in Sevilla, and how they can best enjoy tapeando ​like a local.​ Cinta is a natural “hostess” and her genuine love of her home town and its wonderful food culture is infectious. Follow Cinta’s other culinary adventures on Twitter: @LaCocheraAbuelo

Ania Marchlik
Ever since she was young, Ania, born in Poland, has loved to travel and discover new places, but although she enjoyed her studies in France, an internship in Tunisia and shorter tours around Europe, she never thought about leaving her home town permanently until she discovered Sevilla. She was completely won over by its architecture, culture, friendly inhabitants, vibrant “fiestas” and amazing gastronomy, and ten years ago she packed her bags and set off on her southern Spanish adventure, which she hopes will last forever. In the last few years she has published several books dedicated to Spain while working at the same time as a tourist guide. Her love of food and experience as a tour guide make her an invaluable addition to the We Love Tapas team. You can follow Ania on Twitter: @ania_marchlik

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