January 11, 2015

Our Málaga Team

victor bioVictor Garrido
Malaga born and bred, Victor is a second-generation tour guide who is not only continuing the family tradition but also looking for new ways to show visitors his personal vision of Malaga. He loves the diversity of food that’s available in his home town, and says that you can travel the world without ever leaving the restaurants of Malaga. He considers himself a “foodie” tour guide, and specialises in tasting tours of the city that embody his philosophy that the best way to get to know a city is by eating your way through it! Victor’s tours won’t just take you to the city’s best restaurants and introduce you to the tastiest food; he also tells the story behind the food and about the people who make it. An accomplished home cook, Victor is also happy to offer you a few tips from his own kitchen.

paco bioPaco Garrido
Growing up in a typical neighborhood of Malaga, Paco fondly remembers local traditions like Holy Week, grilling sardines on the beach, and working with his father at the local market. A dedicated guide for many years, his motto is that few people really dislike history, food and art, it is merely the way it’s presented to them, and with his quick wit, charm and general free-wheeling personality, he mixes bits of history, cultural insight, and food and wine references into his tours. In a city where they eat tapas while talking with friends and trying to follow conversations in busy taverns without missing a beat, Paco likes to remind everyone that they should ask any questions that come to mind because closed mouths don’t get fed.