Seville | Calvisius Caviar Tasting at Sea Market

caviar (1)
We Love Tapas had the opportunity for a visit to the recently opened Sea Market restaurant in the Avenida Eduardo Dato in Seville. We had been invited to attend a tasting of one of the most highly regarded, but possibly least known products of the sea – caviar. The tasting was hosted by Calvisius Caviar, by Export Manager Sara Morales, who began by giving us a masterful tour through the history of caviar and the different kinds of caviar produced under their brand name, which come from various species of sturgeon, before going on to the tasting itself.

We tried four different kinds of caviar, each time being given just a few of the small black eggs that we had to put on the back of our hands until they were the perfect temperature. Then, while we rolled them around in our mouths, Sara explained all the flavours, textures and smells we were eperiencing! After each tasting we were served a perfectly chosen cava from Llopart, to pair with the particular caviar we were tasting.


It was a great introduction to the mysteries of caviar, but there was also a negative side to our experience at Sea Market. It is easy to be impressed when you visit the restaurant, as it is a very chic establishment: everything is what you would expect from a modern restaurant, with an aesthetic and atmosphere that many people are looking for.

But though these things are obviously important, it is also important to take care of other aspects of a business that serves the public, and we were disappointed with the standard of service we received. The serving staff appeared to be lacking in training in how to serve these particular delicacies, although this event must have been an important one for a new restaurant. Recognised brands like Calvisius and Llopart, and the various dishes the chef prepared for us during the tasting, definitely deserved better.

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